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Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and focus more on selling. Pursuit is FoxBound's lightweight sales automation solution which provides an easy and intelligent way to start meaningful conversations with prospects. Script, store, and execute email campaigns with Pursuit and never fall short on your KPI's again.

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Data Scout

Fill the top of your sales funnel and automate the list building process with DataScout. Using the DataScout Chrome Extension, users can easily build and store segmented lists with high-quality prospect data. Combined with our native integration to the Pursuit module, reps can go from research to execution with a few easy clicks.

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Data Den

Easily build segmented lists with FoxBound’s DataDen, a crowdsourced database that contains over 1,000,000 verified leads. Users are able to leverage boolean search capabilities and pull lists of key prospects which can be added to a Pursuit in seconds. Best of all, DataDen is always growing so be sure to check back for more leads.

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The Foxbound Flow
End-end data + prospecting

Meet The Data Collection Team
Quality data with humans + A.I

Zach Sergio
Segmentation Lead
Nikitha Shiv
Segmentation Team
Tejas Tholpadi
Automation Team

The Ultimate Guide to Sales

Learn how organizations are automating most of their pre-sales functions and how you can do it too - with a clear path and a multitude of data-backed examples of what works and what doesn't.

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